Amy Shi

Student, Glenunga International High School

My name is Amy who come from China and now is studying in Glenunga International High School in Australia. I was born in Brunei, raised in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Australia, so I can speak four languages, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese and English. I just completed my IB diploma and is a student president for three years and enjoy participating in various leadership activities. To extend my community service outside of my school, I have organized 3km colour run – a fundraising event to raise awareness for people to respect different cultures and received signups for more than 3000 people. The funding received was directed to different Aboriginal shelters. It was the turning point of my life that I realized the importance of cultures and developed my passion for Oriental studies. Throughout the high school, I become the founder of a non-profit organization called “charity for children, language and life” offering free language sessions to children who have limited access to education. Besides, I have been selected as the youngest and only 17-year-old Chinese who become the representative for the United Nations to represent entrepreneurship with regards to the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, I have created a sustainable soap-making company in Bang Sa Kae, a rural part of Thailand, to address the sustainable development goal 8. These community services have then qualified me to be the first three-time-winner for international student awards including academic excellence and community engagement upon my departure from Australia and is the youngest International Student of the Year which is given by the government to celebrate the one who made most outstanding contribution to South Australia in 2020. I hope that I can contribute my role to spread out positivity and energy into the society.