JJL Overseas Education Consulting & Service Co., Ltd (‘JJL’), founded in 1999, is a leading education agency with 49 branch offices in China and 4 overseas branches across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. So far, JJL has had 20 years of international education consulting experience and helped more than half a million successful candidates to realise and achieve their dream of studying abroad.

JJL sends more than 10,000 high-quality students to Australia annually and the total number of JJL clients who are currently studying in Australia are over 40,000.

Student wellbeing is always one of the top missions of JJL. JJL has been consistently working on improving students’ wellbeing from four aspects: education, cultural transition, social life and professional development. For education, JJL has always been helping international students to overcome difficulties, find their potential and achieve personal development in their education in Australia. From the cultural aspect, JJL has been mitigating the cultural shock issues faced by international students and assisting them to smoothly settle down in the Australian culture. As for the social aspect, JJL has been assisting students to build rapport, conducting effective communication with others as well as developing their personal networks in Australia. In regard to professional development, JJL has always been working on developing students’ job seeking skills, thus improving their employability in Australia. As a result, JJL has been improving student wellbeing by helping them to work towards a positive education outcome, becoming a part of the Australian culture, settling down in the Australian social circle and community, as well as making them ready to seek employment opportunities in Australia, thereby achieving comprehensive and long-term self-development.


Since 1999, Allianz Global Assistance has provided health insurance and assistance to overseas students. Working with many of Australia’s leading education institutions, we are a leading provider of overseas student and visitor health cover.

All day, every day, we strive to be amongst the world’s most caring, responsive, and customer-focused companies in the specialty insurance and assistance industry. By continuing our long tradition of helping people anytime, anywhere, we continually innovate throughout the customer journey—improving the customer experience so they can make the most of the adventures you provide.

We offer a flexible approach to overseas student health cover (OSHC) and overseas visitors health cover (OVHC) with assistance services relevant to students, education institutions and migration agent partners. We are constantly improving the use and capability of our online platforms to ensure the most user-friendly health cover experience in the industry. Simple information and clear messages for our international students and visitors facilitates a great and safe stay whilst in Australia.

Our health cover benefits are similar to those Australians receive through Medicare (Australia’s public health care system). For students or visitors who get sick or have an accident in Australia, depending on the coverage level selected, we help pay for the medical cost for:
• Hospital costs
• Emergency ambulance
• Doctor’s appointments
• Prescription medicine*

Plus, our value-added policy benefits deliver an exceptional service and provide a best-in-market experience for your customers.

Why Allianz Global Assistance?
• Caring for International students and visitors since 1999
• Major health cover provider for many Australia’s universities and large pathway providers
• 24/7 call centre and emergency support based in Australia
• 24/7 access to a Doctor, via phone or teleconference at no extra cost
• Simple health cover solutions for student visas and working visas including 485 and 600
• Website translated into over 10 languages

Visit our booth, talk to our friendly team and request a demonstration of the services and products we have to offer.
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*Exclusions, limitations, waiting periods and terms and conditions apply. For details, see the policy wording on our website.


Medibank is the leading provider of Overseas Student Health Cover, receiving the Canstar 5-Star Rating for OSHC in 2018 with our premiums, service and product features representing outstanding value. We are passionate in delivering better health to international students through collaborative and strategically aligned partnerships, competitive cover, specialised multilingual services, access to our large network of direct billing providers (e.g. GPs) and targeted health and wellbeing programs.


Sonder augments education provider safety protocols for international students with 24/7 phone, live chat or in-person support for any situation involving their rights, welfare, safety or security. The Sonder app and responder network of ex- and off-duty emergency services personal currently supports thousands of student members from over 90 countries through Allianz OHSC and major university and student accommodation partners.




Monash University is the largest university in Australia, ranked in the world’s top 100 and a member of the prestigious Group of Eight. We’re named after Sir John Monash, and fuelled by his desire for our students to leave here with a greater sense of purpose, and the skills and confidence to create positive change.
In 60 years, we’ve grown from a single campus into an education and research powerhouse with a presence on four continents, committed to the challenges of the age.
Our work is making an impact all over the world, from bringing clean water to villages in Africa to creating new life-saving medicines. With four Australian campuses, one in Malaysia, and over 100 international partners, we’re making a difference on a global scale.

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UniLodge provides purpose build student accommodation either on campus or in close proximity to major educational institutions, including universities, colleges and TAFE, across Australia and New Zealand. With more than 70+ properties under our management, we know a thing or two about student accommodation.

Our residents hail from different cultures and walks of life, and have travelled from all across the globe to study at the educational institution of their choice. We are proud to be the student accommodation provider of choice for these students and to be able to provide them with a super supportive community when they leave home – our exciting Community Spirit Program provides residents with regular community events and staff support to make new friends in a safe and inclusive environment.


Hello, we’re Texthelp … leaders in literacy and learning software. Our technologies support all students, including those experiencing English Language and literacy challenges, to successfully complete their higher education studies. Whether a student finds study difficult as a result of having English as an additional language, or just simply having struggled with academic achievement throughout their whole education journey, Texthelp’s tools put the power to independently “show what they know” right back in the hands of each student. Significantly boosting student retention and course completion rates as a result!



AMES Australia has been providing assistance to migrants for over sixty years. We are now implementing a new skilled migration service for international students and skilled professionals.

We will offer an end to end service, which includes migration, employment and settlement services.

International students experience many difficulties and challenges in finding skilled work in Australia. Our new service, will help international  students at an earlier stage of their journey so that they get the right advice about both visa and employment pathways with the aim of achieving their migration goals of successful settlement and suitable employment.




ISA Student Advocates service specialise in the provision of support, security and advocacy services to international students during their study time in Australia.


Established in 1998 ISA Student Advocates service was the original provider to international students of what is now known as independent professional welfare or care giver services.

Industry Experience

ISA Student Advocates service has twenty years’ experience in dealing with international students and education providers in Australia and has a unique insight in managing the issues, needs and difficulties in this specialised field.   We have gained a wealth of experience in managing and resolving critical incidents with students.    We work in collaboration with education providers in support of their internal welfare programs and especially so for those students who are under eighteen years of age.    It is important to note that because of our expertise in this demanding field over 250 education providers nationally now use ISA Guardian & Welfare Services.

Our Focus

ISA Student Advocates service is committed to provide security, assistance, advice and a safe haven for our international students and ensure that they have a positive experience during their study time in Australia.

Our People

ISA Student Advocates service, under the direction and guidance of its founder and Managing Director, Ivan Mckinney, has established a network of over 100 dedicated and trained multilingual administration, support staff and care givers spread across every major city in Australia.


ISA Student Advocates service has a unique free software package available to education providers to assist them in compliance of their obligations under the ESOS Act and the National Code.

ISA Student Advocates service has also developed and launched its “Safe Student App” which seamlessly can connect the user to emergency services globally and simultaneously notify up to three nominated contacts.

Free student management software – ISA Student Advocates service train the users and maintain the software giving them the ability to log in and view a student file from anywhere in the world.

Other Key Services

A Standards based service agreement with education providers which guarantees minimum service standards

Interpreting and Translation of key information from providers to parents

National Duty of Care Insurance – 15 Million Australian Dollars



Bridging Translation is a translating and interpreting company made up from a team of highly qualified professional NAATI certified Chinese translators and interpreters. Founded in 2014, Bridging Translation has been providing high quality translating and interpreting services to a wide range of educational institutions in Australia. As always, we endeavour to bridge communications between Australian and Chinese culture.

From school board meetings to short course training, Bridging Translation has been providing professional on-site interpreting services to all levels of education institutions across Australia. We also have and continue to provide language localisation for marketing materials, as well as translating school newsletters and letters to parents.

We have been working with different professional sectors to help overseas international students to improve their wellbeing during their study in Australia, from the community level to the governmental level. We also provide training on the topic of understanding Chinese culture and dealing with culture shock.

Key Interpreting Services

  • Bilateral conferences
  • Chinese delegations visiting Australia
  • Medical appointments
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • Legal conferences
  • Business conferences

Key Translation Services

  • Letters to parents
  • School newspapers
  • Marketing materials
  • Medical reports
  • Legal documents
  • Commercial documents


Marketplace Profiles

Scape is a brand-new premium student accommodation provider, built on the philosophy that students deserve better. At Scape, we think that a student’s home needs to be more than just a comfy bed. It should shelter them with rooms and buildings designed precisely for what they need. And it should help brilliant minds take shape by introducing them to new cities, new cultures, new ideas and new possibilities. Day in, day out. We believe that the better we take of students today, the better they’ll take care of tomorrow.


Australian Homestay Network (AHN) is Australia’s most recognised student homestay provider. We match AHN-certified hosts with visiting international students to provide the highest quality homestay experience. AHN has placed more than 52,000 students from 179 countries in welcoming homes across Australia. Our offering includes packages for under and over 18s, homestays for study tours and full study tour programs.

PNC is the leading Integrated Scheduling / Case Notes / Client WebPortal
system for university counselling and support services. The Scheduling, Notes and Portal work together as one seamless entity and interface
closely with the University SIS. PNC’s products are powerful, intuitive
easy to use and are coupled with outstanding support services.


INSIDER GUIDES – INTERNATIONAL STUDENT GUIDES are high-quality, best practice guides to ensure students are prepared, welcomed, connected and supported in Australia. Printed annually, the guides are available for free both onshore and offshore at various stages of the decision making cycle, from over 250 distribution points throughout the year. With over 10 years experience in both print and online, Insider Guides are widely regarded as a best practice provider of high-quality information to improve the student experience. Furthermore, with strong partnerships with industry and government, our guides are the most widely used resource in the industry.



ISANA International Education Association is the representative body for professionals in Australia and New Zealand who work in international student services, advocacy, teaching and policy development in international education. For more information, please visit the ISANA website.

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