Applying my Australian education in Nursing to influence my immediate environment

Mr. Ralph Teodoro1

1Independent, Melbourne, Australia

From International Student Leader to Lifestyle Experience Manager to COVID-19 Frontline Nurse.

Harnessing the ability to influence policies and legislation surrounding higher quality education, advanced mental health practices, better healthcare and pandemic outbreak responses for the youth and underprivileged, and eradicating racism for the betterment of the young Australian community is a very large and frustrating yet heavily satisfying task.

These issues, inline with the UN’s Youth 2030 and CISA strategies, are things I’ve personally been passionately involved in lobbying for in local, state and federal government forums.

Putting international student experiences and stories at the forefront of strategies being developed to better the industry with valid, timely and qualitative data is my passion.

-Higher quality education

-Better Mental Health practices within the Education Industry and local community

-Destigmatizing international students and their diverse contributions to the local Australian community

I will talk about my experiences during the global pandemic and how I’ve managed to turn my personal challenges ie. job hunting, moving cities, migration pathways, into opportunities. I want to inspire fellow international student graduates to aim and achieve their goals, and also industry leaders to understand what it means to be an international student/graduate at this time in Australia.

My interest and commitment for international education and youth engagement stems from my vision of enhancing the student experience in Australia. A path that I have been on myself, and one where I hope to create a more diverse and harmonious Australia.



Ralph is a Registered Nurse, currently working as part of the Victorian Government’s Rapid Response Team. He has worked in Community Care in high risk housing, Residential Aged Care, and Acute Hospital environments. In 2018, he was awarded as the Undergraduate International Student of the Year by the CISA and nominated as a finalist for the Queensland Multicultural Awards for the category of Outstanding Young Achiever. Besides work, he enjoys fashion, sports, literature and art.

From international student governance, advocacy, event management, to welfare and pastoral care, and currently COVID-19 frontline nurse. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him on LinkedIn!