Queensland’s State-wide Student Support Network: Providing Accessible and Tailored Support Programs

Ms Aleesha Ware1

1Study Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

The Queensland Government more than tripled its support for students in 2020.  Not only are international students in Queensland are regionally dispersed (31% study in regional Queensland), but COVID-19 accelerated the need for support programs which were flexible and accessible given the variety of individual circumstances. Therefore, Study Queensland developed a series of initiatives to ensure that every student in Queensland, regardless of their visa, region, institution, or situation could receive adequate support.  (insert: We were aware that students were experiencing financial hardship, isolation concerns and mental health as well as academic concerns. In response the Queensland government initiated a number of support programs. These programs were a Queensland International Student Crisis Assistance Package, Meals for Mates Program, Queensland Student Hub Network and Financial Support through the Queensland Student Hub. In addition, The Premier of Queensland also welcomed the partnership with film legend Baz Luhrmann’s daughter Lilly to help international students impacted by COVID-19 through the Study Queensland Luhrmann Appeal.

The programs to date were a part of a $15 million assistance and recovery package. The presentation will share information on how these initiatives were deployed across Queensland including management of partnerships with key stakeholders.



Aleesha is the Senior Partnerships Officer at Study Queensland, leading their student experience programs.

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