Creating a Covid Safe Framework for Events in PBSA

Mrs Sue Fergusson1, Miss Caitlin Dauth

1Scape Australia, Brisbane, Australia, 2Scape Vulture Operator Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia

At Scape, our aim is to provide the ultimate student experience in everything we do, especially through our event program, which is specifically tailored for each resident through ensuring they have the tools to thrive in their social, academic and daily life. Each event strives to set the foundations in our communities by employing educational resources, delivering a point of difference, and executing intriguing concepts. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we were confronted with a multitude of challenges to ensure our residents safety, security, and connectedness. The biggest hurdles were fostering a sense of community whilst people were isolating and in lockdown, ensuring we facilitated engaging events and the welfare of our residents whilst adhering to social distancing and all of the other ‘new normal’ concepts that came with it. Through creating a tailored digital online program, residents were still able to connect and engage with one another. Virtual Events such as Bingo, Trivia, Fitness Classes, and the Scape Buddy program allowed residents to feel connected with staff and neighbours. After the initial wave of Covid-19 we developed a blended online and face to face model that allowed us to instil Covid safe practices and still provide a holistic approach to connectedness and welfare. Other initiatives such us our Welfare Warrior Program, have expanded the ability of the Scape team to easily identify any mental health concerns with residents. Scape’s student experience framework delivers flexibility enabling the digital platform to be executed, in some cases with more participants than pre-pandemic events.


Caitlin is the Engagement Manager at Scape South Bank and Scape Toowong in Brisbane. Driven by enhancing the Student Experience Caitlin takes pride in providing the best holistic event program possible. As an Engagement Manager her goals include ensuring residents have a well-balanced life, creating upskill workshops for students to thrive and implementing a comprehensive and educational sustainability initiative in the two of the buildings she oversees. A key achievement for Caitlin this year was continually evolving the events program she oversaw to align with the Covid restrictions implemented by the Queensland government. Through creating a variety of online and regulated face to face events she was able to continue to create a thriving community in both her Scape buildings since the outbreak of Covid-19.

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