How Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao responded to the challenge of 2020 in the context of immediate and also ongoing student experience expectations.

Mr Ross Crosson

2020 began with workplans in place and then we all became aware of Covid-19. It turned people’s lives upside down, not least of all those of international students, far away from family and friends, and navigating a new country and culture. In a few short weeks the magnitude of the challenge became apparent but not exactly how to respond to it.  How had our role changed? What was our response?

Education New Zealand (ENZ) is mandated, through the International Education Strategy, He Rautaki Mātauranga A Ao 2018-2030, to support students to have an excellent student experience: “to make sure they are welcome, safe and well while they are in New Zealand.” What did this mean in 2020?

This session will explore how ENZ utilised existing assets, such as our student experience digital platform, NauMai NZ, to support the student experience in 2020.  It will explore how information and advice was both developed and repurposed, and reflect on digital solutions used to ensure effective delivery of that information, including specific programming to support those students remaining in New Zealand over summer.

It will explore a key issue that, alongside immediate needs, many students’ expectations (of life and study) remained unchanged. We had to balance these immediate needs, in the context of the pandemic, with issues and expectations students still had, identified through previous research.

At this session we will share what we have done, what we have learned, and what we can carry forward in to 2021.

Ross is the Student Experience Manager at Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao, a role focussed on improving and embedding student experience outcomes for all international students studying in New Zealand. Ross has over twenty years in international experience roles. He spent a number of years at the University of Auckland managing international short courses, developing academic and experiential learning for students from around the globe. He joined Education New Zealand in July 2018, the New Zealand Government Crown Agency responsible for building international education.

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