Disruptive (or constructive) communication practice with future students, agents during COVID-19 in respect to ESOS’s National Code Standard 1-4: Key findings, opportunities for future

Mr Tanveer Shaheed1

1Macquarie University, Australia

While we are in ANZ having strict travel restrictions, international student recruitment is still progressing. International students are now enrolling themselves via online and attending their classes through virtual mode with the expectation to come in Australia once borders are open. Hence, communication & engagement activities with future students, agents, relevant stakeholders are continuing and even more intense than ever during COVID-19 time. This is a completely new norm of communication that is taking place through online channels and various creative forms. This presentation is going to share some of the best practices (mainly Macquarie University, but will cover few other institutions as well), its key findings, and opportunities in post-COVID world.

ESOS’s National Code Standard 1-4 refers the scope and nature of marketing practice, students’ engagement, agent’s relationship, etc. During this unprecedented time, it is quite interesting to review the current practices of communication and engagement activities from the education institutions how they are coping aligned to the National Code of Standards.

Educational institutions and agents have moved to digital platform to communicate with future students to share their profiles, course info, etc. via virtual platform eg. Virtual Education Expo, Virtual Open Days. Students are now being on-boarded through Virtual Orientation. At the same time, there were a good number of challenges to make all these happen eg. unclear AU Govt. policies on PSW visa up to July, online vs face-to-face learning option, internet/technology issues, etc.

We believe the current creative communication and engagement activities will enhance a sustainable communication strategy in the future to support National Code Standard 1-4. We can certainly take up few of these current practices in post-COVID time and can include a blended (virtual and face to face) approach in agent training, periodical agents’ communication, students’ recruitment activities, orientation, and so on.


Associate Director, Global Engagement and Business Development

Macquarie University

Tanveer Shaheed is a business development management professional with eighteen years’ experience working in the Australian International Education sector. Tanveer is one of the key liaising staff to maintain strategic relationships of Macquarie University with leading international educational institutions, government, corporate agencies, Alumni, etc. He is also responsible for recruitment of high-quality international students, management of recruitment agents for the University.

Tanveer is a Fellow (IEAA-F) of ‘International Education Association of Australia’ (IEAA) and serving as Deputy Convener of ‘Marketing & Recruitment Network’ for IEAA.

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