The changing focus on the student experience in the context of emerging institutional challenges and developments

Melissa Banks, Pro-Vice Chancellor, International, James Cook University

Cultural shifts, technological trends, revenue pressures and student engagement are challenging colleges and universities like never before. We are dealing with students from more diverse educational backgrounds and cultures, yet they share many common behaviours and attitudes.
Melissa Banks, Pro Vice Chancellor International, James Cook University and current President of IEAA, will consider current and emerging challenges Australian providers are facing and how the student experience has transformed over the last 20 years and where it might be headed. The session will conclude with consideration of the Implications for staff support and professional development.


Melissa Banks is the Pro Vice Chancellor International at James Cook University. Melissa provides leadership and oversight of JCU’s international engagement encompassing strategy development and implementation in the areas of inbound international student recruitment, international student support, outbound mobility and international partnerships and alliances. Melissa is also Chair of the Board of JCU College Pty Ltd, a wholly owned entity of James Cook University responsible for teaching English Language and academic pathways. Melissa was recently elected to the position of President of the International Education Association Australia (IEAA).
With over twenty-five years of experience in various roles and working across multiple education sectors and service providers with a focus on international education, Melissa is an experienced leader in the international education sector and has contributed to national and international forums and publications throughout her professional career.
Melissa is a recipient of the prestigious award for Distinguished Contribution to the Field of International Education (IEAA).

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