PRISMS Admission and Compliance Masterclass

Mr Ben Houston1

1Director, Regulation, Recognition and Tuition Protection, Quality Frameworks Branch, International Group, Department of Education and Training

This masterclass is for delegates who have an interest and role in Admissions and Compliance at their institution. This masterclass is an interactive session where participants will work through scenarios that the Help Desk has noted as receiving the most queries. Participants are encouraged to come to the session with laptops or tablets with access to PRISMS. Participants are also invited to submit scenarios and questions that they wish to be addressed. These queries may be sent to


Ben Houston was born in Canberra, studied a Bachelor of Science at the University of Canberra and has worked in the now Department of Education since 1990 spending most of that time in International Group developing and managing the systems that support the international student industry.  PRISMS, CRICOS website and TPS system are all managed and enhanced by his team. He has an extensive knowledge of the legislative frameworks underpinning the international student sector, the consumer protection arrangements for overseas students as well as experience with the AQF and qualification recognition frameworks. He is also responsible for the department of education agent performance data project using enrolment and visa data from PRISMS.

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