What does the research tell us about international student mental health?

Chair: Helen Forbes Mewett

Panel: Assoc.Prof. Catherine Gomes (RMIT), Dr Ashleigh Humphries (Monash University), Sam Miles (Monash University)

Poor mental health can affect students’ confidence, motivation and concentration, and ultimately their ability to succeed in their education. Studies indicate that international students are more likely to experience mental health problems than domestic students. Nonetheless, despite increasing numbers of international students relocating as temporary migrants, they are the least studied among the major migrant categories. This panel provides up-to-date information about what we know from the research, what we do not know, and what needs to be done.


Catherine Gomes

Catherine Gomes is Associate Professor in the School of Media and Communication where she teaches Asian Studies and researches on migration and mobility.




Dr Ashley Humphrey

Dr Ashley Humphrey completed his PhD in Psychology at Monash University, where he now works as a Research Assistant and Sessional Lecturer. His research focuses on cultural influences on mental health.



Sam Miles

Sam Miles is undertaking his PhD at Monash University on the relationship between International Students, Mental Health and Housing. Sam has a background in politics and social work and has studied overseas in Denmark and Turkey.  He is also a senior Resident Tutor at the University of Melbourne.

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