Remembering our Rs – Good Pastoral Care is very important in building reputation,retention and recommendation for a sustainable effect in recruitment through word of mouth marketing

Mr Terry Mcgrath

1ISANA NZ, Palmerston North, New Zealand

In desiring sustainability in in-flow of international students, remember:

  • Sustainable International Student Recruitment is enhanced by a Reputation for quality education in a safe and cost efficient context.
  • International Students are Retained if satisfied with the living and learning context
  • International Graduates become Recommenders because of their successful experience
  • Recommendations enhance recruitment (word of mouth marketing )

This workshop will focus on building, integrating and sustaining a cohesive pastoral care & learning support context for international students.  Such a context if well-developed  provides, in addition to its inherent value to the international students, good flow-on value to an education provider’s reputation through the ripple of a satisfied alumni and alumni-related influences, in turn affecting ongoing  recruitment.  International students are less likely to change providers if well cared for.  Support for living and learning sustains retention and builds a solid reputation that creates a ground swell of recommendations. This workshop focusses on what one has to give attention to in creating such cohesive pastoral care. In addition to a range of practical ideas and tools helpful to good quality pastoral care and pastoral care programmes a set of outcome and process questions will be offered as a takeaway to assist self-review and enable further practical exploration in the context of learning and living that your international students encounter.  This takeaway will be of assistance to any education provider in enhancing its current pastoral care offering, consequently enhancing its work of mouth marketing.


Terry McGrath started educational working life as a high schools chemistry teacher before moving into a pastoral care role. Currently he contributes to international student chaplaincy at Massey University, Palmerston North; consultancy as immediate past National Director for International Student Ministries of NZ (ISM NZ); and mentors leaders and organisations throughout Asia Pacific in a regional facilitation role for the Lausanne movement’s ISM Global Leadership Network involving him in advising, influencing and facilitating capacity building and development of services and leadership in international student pastoral care initiatives. Terry’s interests include development and research involving international students and migrants, and professional development in international education. He is currently ISANANZ President.