Starting a New Page – Adopting a Healthy Living Style in the New Living Environment

Mr Wun Kwan Chan1

1Borderlands Cooperative, Hawthorn , Australia

Numbers of international students in Australia have increased greatly in recent years. It is not an easy journey for them to start a new life in the new environment. They could be vulnerable in the process, but it is also a great opportunity for their personal growth. This workshop aims to address their struggles and acknowledge the fact that it is difficult to look after their mental health wellbeing independently during their stay. The workshop will firstly discuss and normalise the challenges international students will face, letting them know they are not alone and there are supports around them. The workshop will then explore the risk and potential harm of some coping strategies, such as gaming and gambling addiction, drinking, smoking, etc. Knowing the risks can help in developing responsible behaviours and comparing with some healthy coping strategies for international students. It could stimulate them to think of healthy living ways for themselves. The final part of the workshop is aimed to assist international students in building the awareness for available services supporting mental health. To encourage them in seeking help at the open Australian cultural environment and reduce the stigma that they may have regards to mental health wellbeing.


Kevin is a former international student who studied in Australia for 7 years and graduated with the Master of Counselling in mid-2018. He has experience in working for 4 years as an international student host in a foundation study, supporting new students from different cultures. He recently worked as an international student counsellor in a college in Melbourne. He works to improve mental health and well-being and creates awareness among international students in Australia. Currently he runs a gambling awareness project with the Borderlands Cooperative, ECCV and ISANA to support the community in educating about risks and harm associated with gambling.