Starting a New Page – Awareness of the Harm & Risk of gaming and gambling

Mr Wun Kwan Chan1

1Borderlands Cooperative, Hawthorn , Australia

Numbers of international students in Australia have increased greatly in recent years. It is not an easy journey for them to start a new life in the new environment. They could be vulnerable in the process, but it is also a great opportunity for their personal growth. This presentation aims to explore the emerging risk and harm in gaming and gambling. The presentation will firstly address how gambling as a public health issue is affecting Australians and the international student population. This presentation will then discusses how gaming is a popular coping method for some international students  and how games developments have encouraged the players to stay within the ‘zone’. Gaming does not equate to gambling, but there are lots of common addictive elements in both processes. We all love games and the opportunity that they bring, but there is a clear need to help our students in developing the awareness of the new gambling elements in games. The presentation will end with a proposal to raise awareness with this emerging concern, also engaging and connecting the international education sector together in targeting these risks and harms.


Kevin is a former international student studied in Australia for 7 years and graduated from the Master of Counselling Degree in mid-2018. He has experience in working for 4 years as an international student host in a foundation study, supporting new students from different cultures. He recently worked as an international student counsellor in a college in Melbourne. He works to improve mental health and well-being and creates awareness among international students in Australia. Currently he runs a gambling awareness project with the Borderlands Cooperative, ECCV and ISANA to support the community in educating about risks and harm associated with gambling.

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