Education Queensland International presents ‘Your Passport to Queensland’: Get ready to play with an innovative orientation app for international students

Lena Mete1,2, Jack Stathis1,2

1Education Queensland International, Brisbane, Australia, 2Department of Education International, Brisbane, Australia

Education Queensland International (EQI) presents the highly innovative ‘Your Passport to Queensland’ mobile application and shares its experiences in developing an industry-first app that is revolutionising the way orientation and safety information is delivered to international students. Launched in September 2019, Your Passport to Queensland blends gaming technology with input from international students and education practitioners to enhance the dissemination of safety and orientation information. The EQI app prepares students to leave home, settle into Queensland and stay safe at the beach, in the city and out in the bush. Each module uses gaming methodology to maximise learning efficiency by motivating the user to remain engaged, complete more modules and retain crucial information. Students can personalise their experience by customising one of EQI’s playful native animal avatars to progress through the content, which is delivered in the form of videos, games and mini quizzes that teach, reinforce and embed the required knowledge and behaviours. Student participation and progress metrics enable EQI to monitor engagement with, and the understanding of, essential on-boarding information to assist students to settle in quickly and minimise critical incidents. EQI’s presentation will include some early performance indicators and student feedback to assess the effectiveness of the app’s digital methodology and design. In addition, participants will gain an insight into how this framework might be further developed by their own organisations in the education space and beyond.


Jack Stathis has broad experience in marketing, sales and business development in energy, hospitality and international education services. As the Director of International Business, Recruitment and Marketing at Education Queensland International (EQI), Jack has established solid business links across the globe. Within the organisation, Jack is strongly focused on team development, service excellence, and on the modelling of good leadership practice. In the past, Jack was responsible for the international marketing activities of two large public institutions and held the role of Principal Trade Officer, Queensland Education and Training International (QETI) between 2008 and 2011.

Lena Mete is a marketing and brand strategist with extensive experience in driving sales and marketing strategies to attract and maintain customers, build solid corporate brands and enhance marketability through digital, social media and print marketing tools. Having worked in large and diverse organisations across cultural boundaries in the university, TAFE and school sectors, Lena demonstrates outstanding communication, negotiation and leadership skills. She is a strong advocate of international education and excellence in the delivery of student experiences.

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