What the International Student Survey tells us about student wellbeing and support services

Mr Steve Nerlich1, Mr Stephen  Connelly

1Australian Government Department Of Education And Training, Canberra, Australia

The 2018 International Student Survey recently released by the Australian Government received responses from over 85,000 international students studying across Australia in all education sectors. The survey not only provides an indication of international students’ overall satisfaction with both studying and living in Australia, but also captures their impressions of the support and student services provided by education institutions. This includes immediate support on arrival, orientation, academic support, students’ experience in making friends, as well as academic and career advisory services. The biennial national survey has been conducted since 2010 providing a national picture of Australia in a global context, as well as giving participating providers de-identified information about the experience of their own students. This presentation will outline the 2018 survey’s key findings and focus on the information collected about international students’ experience with support services.


Steve Nerlich is Director of the Australian Government Department of Education and Training’s International Research and Analysis Unit. The unit is responsible for producing national data on international students, who either study in Australia or study Australian courses from overseas.

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