ISEAA (International Student Education Agents Association) – a collaborative approach to building a secure future for Australia’s international education industry

Melanie Macfarlane1

1CEO, MMMigration

The overview:

  • An exercise in collaboration and togetherness – 5 minutes to discuss with your neighbour(s) how the conference has benefitted you and what you see as the benefit of collaboration in education and in general
  • The growth of the international education industry and its implications from a quality perspective
  • Regulation or registration?  Which works best and why is it needed.
  • Why was ISEAA formed?  What is our perspective and what is our overall intent
  • From competition to coopetition and category building
  • The spirit of collaboration and how this benefits all parties concerned from government, to education provider, education agent, and most importantly, the international student, our client
  • Conclusion: United we stand, divided we fall


Melanie Macfarlane is a registered and practising Migration Agent with over 15 years’ experience securing visas for migrants to live, work and study in Australia. She has worked with individuals, families and employers from small to large-scale businesses, all with the same common goal – to explore new opportunities and create a happy world, one migrant at a time.


Melanie founded MMMigration and VETA Education Consultancy in 2007 and has since grown the company to six offices across three states in Australia and three cities in Colombia. She’s built a passionate, like-minded team who embody her positive values, setting them apart as leaders in the migration industry. From MMMigration’s and VETA Education Consultancy’s vibrant offices to their professional service, the team reduces the stress and confusion from the migration process, ensuring peace of mind and positive outcomes. To date, MMMigration and VETA Education Consultancy have helped over 5,000 people with a 99% success rate in helping migrants gain visas and permanent residence in Australia.


A migrant herself, Melanie was born in Freetown, West Africa and grew up in Vanuatu and Indonesia where her diverse circle of friends gave her a good understanding around equality and opportunities to succeed. Her experience as an English language teacher in Indonesia, an education consultant and a recruiter in bringing chefs over from Peru, has created for her a solid network, particularly in her focus areas of childcare, IT, engineering and agriculture.

Melanie’s motivation to educate, unite and support a policy of attracting highly skilled workers to expand the Australian economy is integral in shaping Australia and bringing innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly at a time when around 50% of all current jobs will soon cease to exist. She aims to connect, collaborate and present Australia as part of a global village, where immigration has built its cities and communities and has always been an important stimulus for economic prosperity.


ISANA International Education Association is the representative body for professionals in Australia and New Zealand who work in international student services, advocacy, teaching and policy development in international education. For more information, please visit the ISANA website.

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