Sexual health promotion among international students: carrots and sticks

A/Prof. Limin Mao1, Mr Priyadi Prihaswan2

1UNSW, Kensington UNSW, Australia, 2HARP Unit, SESLHD, Darlinghurst, Australia

This interactive workshop aims to give an overview of current sexual health promotion programs or initiatives targeting university-based international students in Sydney and explore best practice strategies and approaches.

We will first provide a brief overview of sexual health promotion programs and initiatives at various universities in Sydney.

We will then use a case study of international students who self-identify as gay Asian men to explore their extent of engagement with prevention, treatment and care specifically in relation to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). By showcasing a range of proactive online and offline outreach approaches, such as the peer-led HIV/STI community testing sites and various inter-agency collaborations between universities and local health promotion services to train university staff and student mentors, we aim to identify key facilitators and barriers of the best practice in sexual health service engagement.

In the ensuing discussion, we would openly examine successes and challenges at policy, practice and academic research levels regarding sexual health promotion whereby the client segmentation concept in social marketing could be a useful tool to tailor responses to a range of cultural, gender and sexuality diverse sub-populations.


A/Prof Limin Mao works at the Centre for Social Research in Health at UNSW. She has over 20 years’ research experiences in social research into sexual health promotion, treatment and care among a range of priority populations.

Mr Priyadi Prihaswan has more than two decades’ experiences in working with a range of population subgroups to promote sexual health and prevent and reduce the burden of sexually transmitted infections.